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Engel Fonseca

Passionate about Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence, he has been a pioneer and expert in Digital Transformation and MKT Digital

A tireless seeker of innovation, founded Neurona Digital the first knowledge center of Digital Marketing in Mexico; MediaScience, a leading agency in Digital Marketing and Fibonacci, a cyber security consulting firm. He is Co-founder of DigyBrain, a digital marketing strategist based in Los Angeles. Engel also represents TEDTalks in Mexico and trains aspiring speakers on the platform. He is a partner and vice president for Latin America of Manos Accelerator

In his remarkable career in the digital field, he has been a digital strategy consultant for the Tourism Council of Mexico and other tourist destinations, as well as more than 200 companies and politicians; Engel is also an anti-Cyber Crime Consultant.

His executive experience includes leading media companies on how; Microsoft, Televisa Digital, DeRemate and Terra Networks. He is a leading speaker, and ambassador for Evernote.

Engel is a Certified Teacher at San Diego College, University of Texas, Professor at ITESM and Universidad AnĂ¡huac. Engel played a decisive role in the creation of the "Interactive MTK Diploma U. Anahuac" and has trained key executives in companies such as Kellogg, Televisa, Forbes, Johnson Nutrition, more than 300 politicians and government officials.

Mentor of Endeavor Mexico, Ambassador of Evernote, mentor of Capital Entrepreneur and Speaker in Wobi.

Conferences for major brands

You can see some of my conferences here:

General topics

  • Digital Transformation
  • Disruptive innovation
  • Internet of Things
  • MKT Touristic Digital
  • MKT Political Digital
  • Internet Guerrilla Campaigns
  • Change your mind, hack your brain
  • Internet Neuroscience
  • Future and Internet for businesses
  • Cybersecurity and Protocols
  • Digital Brand Strategy
  • Social Networks
  • Big Data Mindset
  • Internet for entrepreneurs
  • Sales potential in the digital age
  • 7 Laws of the digital age "Mindset"
  • Content MKT
  • Mobile MKT
  • Building personal branding
  • Parents and children on the Internet: Cybersecurity
  • Presentation "Effective Presentations"
  • The new type of financial intelligence called Finsmart


#Mindset: : Mentality, identifying inflection points to detonate change.

#Skillset: Building the skills needed for the digital age tactically.

#Toolset: Teaching participants to use hands-on tools to be the best version of themselves in the Internet age.

Conferences - Prices
Master Class Conference:
Duration: 1 hour plus 20 minutes for questions & answers.
Price: USD 7000 plus travel allowances / $120 000 MXN plus tax and travel allowances.

Key Note:
Duration: 40 minutes plus 20 minutes for questions & answers.
Price: USD 5000 plus travel allowances / $80 000 MXN plus tax and travel allowances.

TEDx Format Conference:
Price: USD 3000 plus travel allowances / $50 000 MXN plus tax and travel allowances.

Conferences given on spanish and english in:
Silicon Valley, California, Miami, Florida, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brasil, Spain y Portugal